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  • SplitLine

    Chromagen’s SplitLine (Flat Plate) configured solar hot water systems consist of a ground mounted tank and roof mounted flat plate collectors, and has been designed to provide energy efficient water heating and installation flexibility, without compromising the aesthetics of the home.

  • RoofLine

    Chromagen’s RoofLine configured solar water heaters include a range of traditional close-coupled thermosiphon systems.

    This range of systems are highly efficient and use natural thermal convection to circulate hot water from the collectors to the tank without the need for electric pumps.

  • LowLine

    Chromagen’s LowLine configured solar water heater is a specialised low lying ‘tank under panel’ option that brings both the solar collector(s) and storage tank to the one roof location, which make them ideal for applications where available ground space is limited.

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  • Drastically reduce energy consumption

    Using the FREE heat energy from the sun your home's reliance on fossil fuel generated electricity will be drastically reduced

  • Highly efficient

    Our systems are highly efficient and attract some of the highest STCs (Incentives) available

  • Some of the greenest on the market

    Attracting some of the highest STCs (Incentives) makes Chromagen systems some of the Greenest systems available 

  • Multiple boost options

    On days of low solar gain, your system will continue to produce hot water via a boosting option, available in Electric, Natural Gas or LPG

  • Built tough

    Collectors are constructed with a robust steel frame and the tank with a solid 3mm thick steel to provide high tensile strength

  • Clever controller

    The intelligent controller manages your systems solar heating and ensures the most efficient operation

  • Eligible for generous government rebates

    As highly efficient systems our Solar hot water heaters are eligible for generous Government rebates.

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