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  • External

    This compact tankless unit is equipped with an external flue for external applications only

  • Internal

    This compact tankless unit is equipped with provision for additional fluing allowing for internal applications

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  • Controllers

    Take control of your water heater with a wall mounted controller.

  • Recess Boxes

    For a space saving and more aesthectically pleasing installation, allowing for the water heater to be mounting partially inside the wall cavity

  • Flue Diverter

    Helps divert the standard flue on an external unit to a 90 degree angle

  • Fluing

    Additional Fluing components to suit the internal unit

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  • Highly Efficient

    Their high energy rating means they require less energy & provide greater savings on your gas bill

  • Frost Protection

    Equipped with an inbuilt freeze prevention system allowing operation in freezing temperatures

  • Compact Size

    A tankless unit that is compact and wall mountable

  • Multiple Gas Types

    Available in both Natural gas and Propane (LPG) to suit your particular energy source

  • Pre-Set Models

    Pre set to 50°C, so there is no need for a tempering valve

  • Hot Flow Technology

    ‘Hot Flow’ technology minimises gas, water & electricity wastage

  • User Friendly Controllers

    Optional controllers giving you complete control and providing the ideal water temperature

  • Recess Boxes

    Get the complete integrated look and recess your gas system into your wall

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