Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How long is the warranty on these systems?

Midea Heat Pumps

Tank - 5 Years | Compressor - 3 Years | Electronics, Parts & Labour - 1 Year

Solar Hot Water Systems

Tank & Panels - 5 Years | Labour - 3 Years | Parts - 1 Year

Gas Hot Water Systems

Heat Exchanger - 10 Years | Parts & Labour - 3 Years

Air Conditioners

Air Conditioner - 5 Years

Solar Electricity

Panels - Up to 25 Years | Battery - 10 Years | Inverter - 5 Years

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Do you install in my area?

We service all metropolitan areas (exc. Darwin) and many major regional towns and areas.

How long until installation?

Installations range between 2-8 weeks, Depending on your selected product or area.

Are your systems noisy?

Our Midea® hot water systems have a noise level of 48dB. This level the same as a small fan or air conditioner.

Our Galaxy Air™ air conditioners have a Super Quiet Operation feature, which allows for optimal air distribution and keeps noise levels to a minimum.

What water temperature is too hot?

Current hot water regulations deem the maximum temperature for bathrooms is 50°C. This is because any temperature higher than 50°C can cause injury, scalding and scarring within seconds. The recommended bathing temperature is 37-38°C.

Does the hot water heat pump have to be installed outside?

These systems require access to open air to function at their best.

They work similar to reverse air conditioners using the heat in the air to heat up the water in the tank. They can also be installed in garages, sheds and verandahs but require a minimum of 9 square metres for air flow.

I currently have a hot water heat pump with a bigger capacity. Will this system fit my needs?

Older units tend to operate just overnight, whereas these modern units are designed to operate continuously throughout the day. We recommend speaking to one of our Hot Water Experts at 1300 580 024 to confirm which system best suits your needs.

Do your products come with Government Rebates?

Many of our products are currently backed by Government Rebates. To see if you are eligible for thousands in savings, simply contact us.

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