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  • All-in-One

    The All-in-One heat pump configuration combines the heat pump and storage tank in a single piece unit

  • Split Configuration

    The split configured heat pump offers a separate heat pump condenser and storage tank. The heating process is completed via refrigerant piping between the two units

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  • Modern & Stylish

    A stylish slim line single piece unit incorporates a top-mounted compressor with compact footprint

  • Highly efficient

    Produces significantly more heat energy than the power input; saving on purchased energy

  • Wide Operating Range

    Operates as low as 5°C in ECO mode & between -20°C & 45°C with additional E-heat boost

  • Tank-Wrapped Condenser Coil

    For efficient heat transfer & preventing water contamination

  • Low Operating Noise

    Operating at a very low decible rating you will hardly know it’s there!

  • Handy Controller

    Providing intuitive operation & helpful functions such as temp setting, timer & safety lock

  • Built In Frost Protection

    Protecting the condenser from icing for complete peace of mind.

  • Auto Disinfection

    Periodically heating the water beyond its set temp to prevent the growth of bacteria and legionella

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