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  • Solar Power

    Solar Power

    Clean Free Electricity from the sun.

    Combat the ever increasing cost of fossil fuel-generated electricity with a solar power solution, providing clean free energy and great financial benefits.

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Combat increasing electricity costs!

Soaring electricity bills are ranked as one of the biggest concerns for Australian consumers, so it's not surprising that people are searching for ways to save on their energy costs. According to reports, Australians are paying among the highest electricity prices in the developed world and these price are continually increasing. 

Offer your customers complete energy security with a solar power solution from Chromagen. Installing solar power gives the home owner greater control over rising energy prices with a brighter financial future. 

Solar power systems generate clean, FREE electricity from the sun. They lower energy consumption of purchased fossil fuel-generated electricity, thereby reducing the home's carbon footprint and electricity bills.

So SWITCH ON to Chromagen solar power ... the POWER to save


How grid-connected solar electricity works:

  1. Solar Photo-voltaic (PV) panels fitted to your roof generate electricity when exposed to sunlight
  2. These panels are connected to an inverter to convert the solar generated DC (Direct Current) electricity to AC (Alternating Current) electricity suitable for household use
  3. The solar-generated electricity is consumed by your appliances
  4. Any unused power will flow out to the grid
  5. At night, or when your power consumption exceeds solar generation, your power is drawn from the grid. During the day, any surplus solar generated electricity is fed into the power grid
HowItWorks SolarPower

Solar Power Components

Solar Power Panels

Solar PV panels are designed to be highly efficient and offer superior ability to convert sunlight into electrical power even on the coolest of days. Panels are compact and light, making them quick, and easy to install on almost any roof. We offer only Tier One solar PV panels that are listed on the Clean Energy Council (CEC) product list.


We offer a selection of high quality grid connect inverters to meet your needs and budget. All Inverters we offer come from reputable manufactures which have be tested to suit Australian installations and are all listed on the Clean Energy Councils (CEC approved inverter list).


How much can I save with Solar Power?

Use this Solar Power Savings Calculator as a guide to the energy savings you could potentially make by installing solar power with Chromagen

Enter your details

Your Closest City

Electricity cost per kWh (i.e. $0.28)

Preferred System size

Percentage of energy used during the day



Expected Annual Solar Power generation:

Estimated Solar Power Generation Consumed:

Estimated Solar Power Generation Exported:


Potential Annual Savings:

Chromagen Energy Savings Calculations are based on:
  • CEC's average daily production of a solar power system.
  • The percentage of solar power generated energy being used within the property is estimated as %.
  • Additional exported energy is fed into the grid at c per kWh. System may be subject to export limiting as per distributors requirements.
  • Please note that the information provided in this guide is for illustration purposes only. Savings can differ based on usage patterns, your location and relevant distributor restrictions.

Gallery (Commercial Installs)

Glass Supplier

Noble Park Victoria

2 x 100kW Systems 

This large wholesale supplier of glass and mirrors contracted Chromagen to supply and install two 100kW systems across two of their factories in Noble Park. Consisting of 368 panels to each building, the two systems combined will generate over 260,000 kWhs per year with the potential to save the company approximately $35,000 in energy costs.   



Petrol Station

Woodville, South Australia

30kW System 

This typical petrol station, undertook the supply and installation of a 30kW systems across the canopy of their property in South Australia. The final installation included 109 panels fitted with tilt frames to best capture the north facing aspect. This simple 30kW system, will generate over 45,000 kWh's per year with the potential to save this site over $12,000 in reduced energy costs.   



New Home Builder Head Quarters

Moorabbin, Victoria

30kW System 

One of our loyal customers, Hotondo Homes, underwent a makeover at their head office in Moorabbin, Victoria with the installation of a 31kW solar PV system, in an effort to reduce their reliance on fossil fuel energy and combat rising electricity costs. Providing the full turnkey solution, Chromagen supplied, delivered and installed this PV system along with managing the associated approvals, final commissioning and paperwork to get this system fully operational.
The main installation took place over a couple of days, with the electrical connections and wiring completed in the following few days.
This large 31kW system will provide up to 35,000 kWh’s of solar generated electricity each year and the free solar energy generated will save this operation over $44,000 in electricity costs over the next 5 years.

What to see how much Solar Power can save your business?

Contact us today for a free solar assessment.



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