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We've been helping millions of people in over 35 countries save money from solar for 60 years.

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    We guarantee our eligible customers will save at least 40% and up to 70% on their electricity bills.

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    We are here personally assist you from our first chat to post-installation servicing.

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    We'll be the first to tell you if your roof won't save you money. We only aim for maximum savings for all of our customers.

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How much can I save with Solar Power?

Use this Solar Power Savings Calculator as a guide to the energy savings you could potentially make by installing solar power with Chromagen

Enter your details

Your Closest City

Electricity cost per kWh (i.e. $0.28)

Preferred System size

Percentage of energy used during the day



Expected Annual Solar Power generation:

Estimated Solar Power Generation Consumed:

Estimated Solar Power Generation Exported:


Potential Annual Savings:

Chromagen Energy Savings Calculations are based on:
  • CEC's average daily production of a solar power system.
  • The percentage of solar power generated energy being used within the property is estimated as %.
  • Additional exported energy is fed into the grid at c per kWh. System may be subject to export limiting as per distributors requirements.
  • Please note that the information provided in this guide is for illustration purposes only. Savings can differ based on usage patterns, your location and relevant distributor restrictions.

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